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September 2020
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Day 29 Update – November 23rd 2007

We’re sitting around in the customer lounge at King’s Cross Station waiting for our train to Hull. Something bizarre has happened though, it would appear the government has ordered a large freezing device to be situated over the whole of the city of Freetown. I’m fairly sure this must be the case because when I awoke this morning (or was it yesterday morning) I was sweating profusely just packing my things into my bag. All we did was step onto a plane, sit around for a few hours and get off again. Now everybody has turned all pale and miserable, someone has tidied up the streets and turned the freezing device on. Weird.

It’s quite disorientating when you travel. Sometimes it can take as long as three weeks to get somewhere, sometimes only a few hours. Today it has taken only a few hours and the landscape has changed dramatically and so have the people. We’re all looking forward to seeing family and friends and the young people are enjoying the facilities of modern living, such as their merbile ferns and aye-pods. They talk constantly of soap operas, McDonalds, hot baths, proper food (pizzas!) and their own beds. Some things never change.

Today we said good bye to Claudio and Mike James. We are all excited and apprehensive at seeing our loved ones. A month away from home is a long time for all of us and it was quite a surprise to see frost on the cars in the car park of Gatwick at 5.00am this morning and a Christmas Tree!

Of one thing there is no doubt, we are all changed in some way by this journey. For some people the change is obvious and for others the changes will be more evident in their actions and words in the future. We are sure that the aid we have given has been received with open arms and that is is aid of true value and worth but also we have gathered compelling evidence that modern day slavery exists in all of North West Africa and indeed the practice is rife and we know that we have produced a documentary and the material for a book that will display this in an engaging and understandable way and we look forward to sharing that with you when they are finished.