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October 2020
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Day 26 Update – November 20th 2007


Still split into two teams (one in Freetown and one in Kabala), we woke in the guest house and after a simple breakfast of bread coffee, drove into Kabala to a Muslim Agricultural School. One of our recipients, AMNet, works here to provide support for the girls who are suffering in a similar way to the girls at HANCI. It’s amazing to be able to rock up at a school completely out of the blue and assemble a collection of girls who are willing to talk on camera about a quite sensitive subject. It would never happen in the UK…

Becuase these girls are attending full time education, asking them in front of their friends is a more delicate task. We gathered them together in a small concrete classroom that appeared to be an unfinished construction site but we were told was the biology lab. Interviewing them one by one soon revealed a darker side to their lives. Many of them recognised the value of their education and that was the reason why they attended, but so many of them were concealing a darker side to their lives which included being orphaned but also many of them were forced to ‘work’ in the evenings to pay their school fees and some had to abandon their children (some as young as 4) during the day just to attend the school.

Time and time again we are coming across these stories and situations. On the surface, Sierra Leone is a beautiful place with friendly people, but many still bear the scars of a brutal recent past. Also, we have observed some attitudes we believe are holding this country back. Especially in the cities there is a culture of laziness, with many of the young people expecting handouts or help from the outside rather than a determination to fix the problems for themselves. This country has everything. Everything grows here, it has a high mineral wealth and a favourable climate and on the face of it there is no excuse for the poverty that prevails except the attitude of some of the people. Let’s hope the new President can stir within the people a culture of self-help rather than rely on handouts…