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Day 25 Update – November 19th 2007


Today a small team of us went to Makeni which is a town in the northern province of Sierra Leone. HANCI have a project there that principally helps rehabilitate young girls who are victims of rape either by rebels during the civil war or shortly afterwards. We were interested to see how HANCI is going to use the vehicles we have supplied to them.

It’s a 3 hour drive to Makeni on mainly good roads. When we finally arrived we took a small trip over some of the rough roads that exist around the region and were greeted by nearly the entire population of the project in full voice assembled in a small covered area near one of their shelters. It seems to be a tradition here that everyone greets so-called ‘important’ visitors with songs and it’s really touching and humbling to be treated this way. Faced with a sea of black faces old and young, Jonathan attempted to say something meaningful and intelligent to the assembled crowd. He’s not certain whether he achieved this though.

Afterwards we took a tour around their facilities. They do great were there in sometimes difficult conditions. The clinic was quite a surprise for some, with very basic facilities and quite poor hygiene. There was a small cat sat on the doctor’s chair and it was commented that it’s unusual to see a cat ‘that big’ because usually the kids catch and eat them…

HANCI’s primary role is to counsel the young people there and they do a fantastic job. This was born out by the fact that we spent several hours interviewing some schools girls with their children and the grace and strength with which they described the horrors that they had endured was simply awe inspiring. All of them are true heroes.

After we had finished filming, we drove on even further North to a place called Kabala. This is in the highlands of Sierra Leone and has much reduced humidity levels. We came across a small guest house with basic facilities (it had a flushing loo!) and stayed the night.