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Day 24 Update – November 18th 2007


Today is Monday and we lose a second load of Trailblazers – Anna, Justine, Mark, John O, Ali O, Steve S & Bas. This leaves just Jonathan, Mike James, Andy Paxton, Kayla, Kayleigh, Sammi, Ian, Nick, Becca, Steve Tong and Claudio to finish our filming work here in Sierra Leone before we fly back to England on the 23rd November.

This morning, Claudio and a small team went back up the mountains to film more of the ‘Primed’ project, not before spending the night before until 3.30am searching for street children with the AMNet team. After lunch and the frantic dash for the airport coach in the centre of town, Jonathan, Andy P, Steve Tong, Sammi, Becca, Ian and Nick paid a visit to a Catholic Convent school near the centre of town.

This school holds a nasty surprise. It is a surprisingly nice school. Made of concrete painted bright blue with a lively population of over 1000 girls all dressed in bright blue pinafore dresses, public school hats, white ankle socks and smart black shoes. Quite different to how many of the population appear. We were holding a ad-hock briefing session to a number of years groups in the playground under a sheltered area. Around 500 girls arrived as we stood on a staged area and preached about child trafficking and child prostitution. Imagine our surprise when we were told by AMNet that over half the population of the school are actively involved in prostitution in order to fund their school fees. After the session was over we were inundated with requests for more help. How ironic and quite disturbing…

Now we have lost both our photographers back to Blighty, for the last few days of the trip this will have to be a text only blog. So apologies for this. Maybe Mark and Justine can upload some more images from the UK when they are back.

For the next two days we are going up country to Makeni and Karbala to film some more gritty sequences for the film. I’ll let you know how we get on!