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Day 22 Update – November 16th 2007


Another crazy day on The Freedom Trail! The cars are looking somewhat ‘gigged’ (very dirty) from our 5000 mile journey and the hotel staff offered to wash them overnight for us. So we awoke to 5 shiny L200’s ready to go off to a region of Freetown called Grafton. This is the region where The St. George Foundation are opening a new orphanage today and we are handing over the vehicles to our recipients at the same time. It’s an area in the mountains that was previously overgrown jungle that had in it several derelict Scout buildings from the civil war that they have restored to house around 200 children. Within the compound they have a large area which they built a temporary shelter for use as an outdoor event arena.

The team arrived with the vehicles and a number of dignitaries related to both projects (St. George and Hull Freedom Trail) were assembled as well as around 200 children. Also the 4 recipients had their teams there ready to receive the vehicles from us and the Lord Mayor of Freetown was in attendance. With the formalities over for St. George the 5 vehicles were driven from out of site towards to assembled crowd in a five abreast formation, lights on, horns blaring and the crowd on their feet cheering and clapping. A real ‘moment’ for the team. The Lord Mayor then took the keys from each driver and presented them to each recipient in turn. Philip and Justina from St. George are done and are doing, tremendous work there in grafton. After a tour around the facilities, we left the party to go to our next destination in a town called Kissi Town.

We were visiting the work of another recipient called AMNet (The Advocacy Movement Network). They work all over the country advocating the rights of children and in Kissi Town they were working with a church that has converted part of their property into a makeshift shelter for abandoned children. As we approached this small church in a small village, we became aware of a scout troop guard of honour at the door with a large crowd of singing and cheering children around the ages of 4 to 14. As we got out of each vehicle the children rushed forward to shake our hands and touch us in a slightly uncomfortable ‘rock star’ manner.

Inside the swealtering and humid church, we were ushered up to the front with Jonathan invited up to the top table feeling and looking very conspicuous. The Scout guard of honour marched forward and launched into a 5 minute tirade of military shouting, turning and posing and when they had finally finsihed they burst forth with soft shuffle movement and a lilting song. Bizarre.

After many introductions in Kreo language a meeting of 200 adults and children was finally over. We were led outside to see the meagre facilities that the children have. An outdoor kitchen, a makeshiuft garden and basic matresses to sleep on. They have big plans to build a 2 storey shelter with electic light, running water and flushing toilets. It will cost $100,000 to build. Heaven only knows where they will get the money…

After a rock star style fairwell we left this project in a thoughful mood. TIA.