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Day 21 Update – November 15th 2007


The first part of the team travel home today. We lose Dave Green, Richard Swain, Chrissy Moog, Mark Nicholson, Pauline Parker and Andy Stephenson, but not before experiencing the most hardcore off road we have yet to encounter.

Freetown is surrounded by steep mountains all around it. We visited ‘Primed’ today. They have a school and carpentry workshop up in the mountain and to get to it we had to negotiated some very steep climbs, descents, hugh boulders and ruts 2ft deep which required someone walking alongside the vehicles to spot the hazards. Amazing to think the most difficult roads we found were in Freetown. For the techies, it was definately time for low box all the way with the occasional use of the diff lock even…

Primed have a little school with around 100 pupils who gathered and treated us to singing, praying, drama and friendly greetings. It was very moving to see little children with so much hope in their eyes it made us all miss our own children as well as encourage us to continue to support their work.

After this we came down the mountain to briefly visit the office of HANCI before being ushered to the Mayor’s offices for a visit to see him and sign his visitor’s book. The Mayor of Freetown was one of the people who saw us off on the departure day event on October 25th and it was great to see him again in his home town. We parked the vehicles outside the office were a crowd steadily grew. The Mayor addressed the crowd to explain about who we were and what we were doing and led the crowd in a song of thanks. Great spontaneous stuff. We were then treated to a meal in a nearby restuarant and after unloading the vehicles we headed back to the Hotel for a well earned rest. Finally.