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September 2020
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Day 20 Update – November 14th 2007

Kambia to Freetown

For those who stayed overnight in Kambia near the border with Guinea, we very quickly gained a full understanding of the need to give our recipients 4×4 vehicles.

In the first hour of our journey to Freetown, we encountered stuck minibuses, drowned out cars and a lorry which had fallen over because of the road conditions. We were quickly helping to winch out a stuck minibus massively overcrowded with people and their belongings. Much of the country is like this. There are good roads as well but in the rural areas which some of our recipients operate, the roads are almost impassible in the wet season even for a good 4×4.

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country with lush vegetation many palm trees and stunning hills and mountains. For those who travelled this challenging journey the night before they missed a treat. Before we arrived in Freetown, we stopped off at a small place called Kent. Much of the places in Sierra Leone sound like British names because of the previous connections with Britain until the 1960’s. This town houses a slave house and slave graves, and an Anglican church. The adjacent beach was awesome with white sands and picture postcard palm trees and coconuts. We were given a guided tour and allowed some time for reflection. For many it was a time to celebrate and for others it was a moving experience to get to Sierra Leone after many months of planning and building the project.

We drove into Freetown around dusk and as we passed through the streets we were waved at and greeted with perplexed looks, smiles and acknowledgements after the people read the livery on the vehicles which says ‘Hull UK to Freetown Sierra Leone’. We were told that many people believe it is not possible to drive from Hull to Freetown and that we are ‘Modern Day Conquerers’. Humbling but completely wrong of course!

We are now staying in the Hill Valley Hotel in the west side of town and will spend a few days meeting the recipients and seeing their projects first hand.