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September 2020
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Day 17 Update (via Satellite) – November 11th 2007

Guinee Border (Boundou Fourdou) to somewhere…

We left the border around 9.00am but not after some emergency medical work. One of the Police at the border had fell off a motorbike several days earlier and badly burned his leg on the exhaust. It had become infected and asked if we could help. Our paramedic, Alison Olner, armed with some donated Smith & Nephew Bactigras bandages (especially for burns), treated his wounds. He was very grateful and even though clearly in a lot of pain, had his wound cleaned and dressed. He was given pain relief and antibiotics to help him on his way but he really needs a skin graft. I’m not sure if he can have this in Guinee and he may well loose his left if it gets infected again.

We then set off for the border with Sierra Leone. The roads here are very bad and the going is slow. It’s looking more and more live we are going to arrive in Sierra Leone on the 15th rather than the 13th as expected. This is a bitter blow to some of the team as they were hoping for more time in the country.

Things are tough now, the additional humidity makes everything an effort. We are all filthy, sweaty and in need of a shower and bed. We are camping today again and finding places to stop at night is not good. Were we are at the moment is crawling with ants and insects and has the odd cow wandering through the tents. However, we are near to our objective and we must carry on. The roads are a labourious series of ruts, potholes, ruts, potholes, ruts and potholes. Let’s hope the road improves becuase the pace is down to walking speed at times and we need to get to Sierra Leone for the 16th to catch our pre-booked flights home…