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Day 16 Update (via Satellite) – November 10th 2007

Koungheul to Sambailoo Border (Boundou Fourdou)

The Road from Hell! After the rendezvous with the two teams in Koungheul around 7.30am, and after an hours rest for the overnight team, we all started on the road to Tambacounda and beyond. Once again, the road was a nightmare, with the pounding of the unavoidable potholes jarring the cars and loosening some vital parts of the equipment. In addition to this, the air-con of ‘William Wilberforce’ has stopped completely and we are having to endure the additional humidity and dust with the windows open. So now we are covered in red dust, sweat and flying insects. We battled on over these roads all day. The tarmac has finally finished and we are on the red earth roads that are typical all over Africa. The cars are getting filthy and we are getting filthy. The dust is getting everywhere and now we are camping, we don’t have the opportunity to wash. Our full schedule doesn’t permit the luxury of time so it’s a case of sleeping for a few hours and then pressing on.

We continued driving until way after dark with hope of reaching Koundara in Guinee. This involved crossing the border after nightfall. On arrival at the border we spent several hours there in a little hut illuminated by candlelight and a single bulb. Large insects were flying around the lights and the formalities seemed to take forever. It turns out we were missing a vital piece of paperwork and we would need a customs escort throughout Guinee. With the customs guy ready to go at around 10.30pm, we proceeded up an awesome track full over some of the most amazing potholes and ruts you’ve ever seen. We had to pick our way at walking speed for 33km. We were then informed that at the end of the track is another customs post were even more paperwork had to be completed. On arrival at the upper post, the population there were watching the Premier League on an outdoor TV and the place was heaving wih truck and vehicles of all types. The customs guy who had the necessary authority to release us was unavailable until the following morning, so we had to camp in 30C humidity and heat amonngst the trucks and people. So a short and sweaty night was had by all with many of the youngsters electing to sleep in the cars because of the insects.