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October 2020
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Day 14 Update (via Satellite)

Nouakchott to St Louis and Dakar

A loooooong day. The visa crisis is finally over as at the eleventh hour a concerted effort by our guides and fixers resulted in the production of most of the visas we required to leave the country. I say most becuase a new Trailblazer, Pauline, has joined us in Nouakchott. Becuase she flew into the country her visa situation was different and she had to get a taxi to the border rather than come in the main group. Long story.

In order to keep to our schedule, we had to leave the town at 4.00am and drive south to cross at a little used crossing point called Barrage de Diama. This involved driving down 140km of rough track to reach the point. The road varied from simple rough track to heavily corrugated and rutted track which was a real test for the suspension. The vehciles survived aside from the vibrations unscrewing the mountings of our compasses! We reached the border around late morning and started the, often lenghty, proceedings. Even with two fixers and the application of ‘fees’ (bribes) to the Police which went straight into the Chief’s pockets, it was late afternoon when we were finally released into Senegal.

Senegal is a much more vibrant country than Mauritania. With relaxed Muslim laws. The women wear the colourful clothes you often see on tourist pictures of west Africa. The roads here even have white lines down the middles and sometimes have kerb stones and road signs. What a luxury! The terrain has also changed from sand based desert scrub to a more lush green scenery in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The team has now split into two, with 2 vehicles driving straight to Dakar and the others driving to a nearby campsite called Zebrarbar. The Dakar team will spend the next day filming a project which teaches children their rights to liberty and freedom as well as visitng Goree Island which was a major transit point for the Transatlantic slave trade.