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Day 13 Update (via Satellite) – November 7th 2007


What a frustrating day! The temperature has been crazy, now in the region of 45C. We have the air-con on in the room all the time to keep it tolerable. The air-con on L200 No.1 ‘William Wilberforce’ is also looking vunerable and is likely to fail soon. Looking forward to that!

The biggest news is that we had three activities set up today. The first one was a visit to see a man who we met at SOS Esclaves. We worked the land for his master and had a daughther. The daughter was taken away from him becuase of the feudal laws that I spoke about yesterday. He is now receiving legal help from SOS Escalves but still cannot get his daughter back. His case is very recent – only 2 weeks old. Claudio, John Olner and Sammi went to film him in his home so he could tell his story. After this, Madame Haidy showed them around the slums and to a feeding centre. This was quite distressing for them as they were shown a baby with a bad skin disease and the general deprivation was appauling. Claudio asked Madame Haidy for an interview under the shade of a tree and she suddenly refused and cut short the visit. A strange turn of events that left the people involved angry and frustrated at the situation. This was compounded by the fact that Claudio has found that a tape he filmed on yesterday has become corrupted and all the filming has been lost on that tape. Again, all very strange and the first time in his career.

Things here are very fluid with the TIA (This Is Africa) vibe prevailing. People turning up late or not at all and official offices difficult to negotiate. To this end, we are still awaiting to see if our Visa’s have been extended so we can leave the county. We leave at 6.00am tomorrow but as of now, 6.00pm Wendesday 7th November, we don’t have the necessary paperwork to leave Mauritania. Also, the border crossing into Senegal is the most dificult of the trip and the road leading up to it (all 140km) is rough track. The challenging times are ahead.