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October 2020
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Day 11 Update (via Mobile) – November 5th 2007

Sahara Desert to Nouakchott

Apologies for the late update. A cable has been broken from our satellite antennae and we’re trying to find a replacement whilst we are here.

Today we broke camp in the desert and spent the morning filming various sequences for the film. We drove across endless plains of sand, five abreast for the camera. I have to say, the temperature was enormous, hovering around 40 c (100F) in the noonday sun. We let the tyre pressures down on the cars and the truck to help with the traction. But it took nearly 2 hours in the baking sun to pump them all back up again. We had to get out of the sun, the temperature was crushing. Finally we got going on the road again.

The drive to Nouakchott was 200kms and the temperature held steady around 40 all the way until the sun went down. Now we are travelling further south the humidity has increased considerably and the mosquitos are out in force.

We are staying in a group of apartments in the city of Nouakchott and even though hardly anything seems to work, it seems like luxury. In typical African style, the light in the toilet doesn’t work, the doors don’t lock, the handle comes off the bath tap, the light bulbs are broken and bare, we’re sleeping on the floor and the air-con makes a racket. It’s all luxury compared to a tent in the desert.

We are staying in Nouakchott for 3 days where we will visit various aid agencies who are involved in the slavery issues in Mauritania. More interesting photos to come out of them I’m sure.


(Due to the cable problem, Jonathan has just dictated the text to me over the phone, obviously couldn’t do anything with any photos today. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly! Anne).