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Day 9 Update (via Satellite) – November 3rd 2007

Nouadhibou (Mauritania)

A surprising day today. We had chance to rest and after an easy start several members of the team wandered around town and also went to the market place. They were fascinated by the hustle and bustle of it and even though they thought it might be intimidating, it was actually an energising place full of colour and interest.

After a lunch on the terrace of Momo’s Auberge of fish, cous cous and water melon we all went to see the wrecked ships on the beach. On the way there, Nick had a football with him and we played football with the local kids. The ships are dumped on the coast here for insurance purposes as Mauritania has no navy and can’t defend this practise. As we approached one of the ships, we noticed a small number of make-shift huts on the beach. We thought they were uninhabited but were amazed to discover that a family with 3 children were living there and were actually employed to guard the ship that was nearest to them.

As we approached, they were very friendly and we spent some time with them and started chatting with the children and pulling funny faces and the like. They were in the middle of eating a meal of fish and cous cous which was covered with flies whilst the woman was breast feeding her baby. Coming face to face with poverty like this for the first time was shocking for many. Having seen images like this on TV and in books and magazines, doesn’t quite prepare you for the mix of emotions. However, they were friendly and seem content with their lives. Kayleigh, Kayla, Anna and Richard Swain started playing with the children and before we knew it, the next hour was spent playing with their three children.

On the way back to Momo’s the conversation was charged with the contradictions of different people’s opinions of their situation. Some people felt powerless and wanted to take action, others were impressed by the humility of the family and how content they appeared. Either way, it was a moving experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.