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Day 8 Update (via Satellite) – November 2nd 2007

Dakhla to Nouadibou

Today was only ever a means to and end. We left the ‘camp site’ around 8.00am and drove to the border between Morocco and Mauritania. This is a sensitive border area and the no-mans land between the two countries is mined, so we had to take a guide with us to lead us through the mine field.

Border proceedings at these kind of places can be a bewildering and time consuming affair with hanging around being the order of the day. The trick is to take along with you an experienced guide who knows what to do and does the running around for you. Our’s is called ‘Booba’ and we met him traditional dress at the camp site in Dakhla. He showed us his letters of recommondation which included part of the Dakar Rally Team. After a quick haggle, the deal was done and we now have him for 4 days. He seems to be labouring under some misconception that we are a rally team and appeared next day in western clothes complete with Dakar Rally jacket fancying his chances! Still, everybody at the border seems to know him so his story is holding up so far.

Basically, it takes all day to cross from Morocco into Mauritania. First we have to clear passport control, get searched by the police, export the vehicle from Morocco. Then we cross the mine field and enter passport control at the Mauritania border, get searched by the Police and import the vehicle by the Customs (Douane), buy a Visa for Mauritania then get searched by Customs. What a faff! The customs guys had all the back of the car out and were looking for drugs and alcohol. Mauritania is an Islamsic country and alchohol is forbidden. I had a small bottle of Whiskey in my bag which it was recommended to bribe the customs further down in Africa. It was a worrying time when they were looking through all the bags…

The feel of Mauritania is very different to Morocco. The people here are obviously much poorer and the country has a slighty more intimidating feel to it. Especially at night which is when we arrived. The streets have very few lights and many of the cars have only one light working, so coupled with all the people milling about, it makes for a challenging drive to get 5 vehicles and a truck (in convoy) across the city to our safe parking.

We are staying at a Auberge (an Inn) called Momo’s. Is accomodates around 25 people in a mix of beds and tiled rooms. So it’s a case of put your roll mat & sleeping bag down and crash out. Thankfully, there is a european style toilet here and even warm water and a shower, so spirits have lifed after using squat toilets and having to go without showers at the previous place. So, it’s a case of updating the blog tonight and seeing what tomorrow brings. It’s a rest day and many of us are looking forward to some time to get our things sorted and seeing the sights of Nouadibou.