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Archive for October, 2007

Day 5 Update (via Satellite) – October 30th 2007

A surprising day for many of the group. We drove from Rabat to Agadir via Marrakech and for the first time we entered into mainland Morocco and saw the sort of scenery that you see in the travel books – the red soil, barren landscapes sparsely populated with palm trees and rock outcrops. Stunning stuff […]

Day 4 Update – October 29th 2007

Gibraltar to Morocco (Africa!) Today has been a tiring day for many reasons. We left our hotel to catch the 45min Fast Ferry from Algerciras to Ceuta (Morocco). The Ferry boarding had to be seen to be believed, with many men shouting Spanish at great speed and the hustle and bustle gave an edge of […]

Video Post

Here´s a short video clip introducing the young people we have on the trip.

Day 3 Update – October 28th 2007

Elche to Algerciras (Spain, gateway between Europe and Africa) What a relief! After a decent nights sleep for everyone, we wake to a bright sunny morning in Elche and fill up the long range tanks for the run down the coast of Spain to Algerciras. We´ve driven through some fantastic scenery around the southern tip […]

Day 2 Update – October 27th 2007

France into Spain What an epic! We have now travelled through France and have stayed overnight in Spain at a place called Elche. Typical Holiday Inn Express type of place, but a real opportunity for all to get a decent bed and a reasonable nights sleep. If a little short! Some of us were aware […]