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Archive for 'On the Trail'

Day 22 Update – November 16th 2007

Freetown Another crazy day on The Freedom Trail! The cars are looking somewhat ‘gigged’ (very dirty) from our 5000 mile journey and the hotel staff offered to wash them overnight for us. So we awoke to 5 shiny L200’s ready to go off to a region of Freetown called Grafton. This is the region where […]

Day 21 Update – November 15th 2007

Freetown The first part of the team travel home today. We lose Dave Green, Richard Swain, Chrissy Moog, Mark Nicholson, Pauline Parker and Andy Stephenson, but not before experiencing the most hardcore off road we have yet to encounter. Freetown is surrounded by steep mountains all around it. We visited ‘Primed’ today. They have a […]

Day 20 Update – November 14th 2007

Kambia to Freetown For those who stayed overnight in Kambia near the border with Guinea, we very quickly gained a full understanding of the need to give our recipients 4×4 vehicles. In the first hour of our journey to Freetown, we encountered stuck minibuses, drowned out cars and a lorry which had fallen over because […]

Day 19 Update

Labe to Conakory then to Kambia (Sierra Leone) A massive day! We left the hotel in Labe around 3.30am after breakfast at 2.30am and headed to Conakory to present our case to the chief of customs for the whole of Guinea. Our armed customs escort came with us in the front seat of ‘William Wilberforce’ […]

Day 19 Update (via Satellite) – November 13th 2007

Late this evening (14th November), the Hull Freedom Trail team has finally arrived in Sierra Leone! I write this whilst sat on the bed in a small motel facility near to the border. After a mammoth 22hr day which started at 2.30am, we decided to push for the border. Those with energy left have pushed […]