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October 2020
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Archive for 'On the Trail'

Day 29 Update 2

As the train to Hull arrived at Hull Station around 12.20pm, we were surprised to see a party of friends and family greet us. The Mayor of Hull, Mitch Upfold and Richard Skogg were there to congratulate us on our achievements. It was great to see some of the other Trailblazers and share some of […]

Day 29 Update – November 23rd 2007

We’re sitting around in the customer lounge at King’s Cross Station waiting for our train to Hull. Something bizarre has happened though, it would appear the government has ordered a large freezing device to be situated over the whole of the city of Freetown. I’m fairly sure this must be the case because when I […]

Day 28 Update (The Final Day) – 22nd November 2007

Freetown Well, well, well, the final day! I’m sat in the reception of the hotel with a flakey internet connection sweating (literally) over this final post. I’m reciving texts from my wife saying that it might snow in Hull… bonkers! It’s around 30C already and it’s only 10.00am. Today we pack, shop for gifts, deal […]

Day 27 Update – November 21st 2007

Grafton, Freetown Today was the final day dedicated to filming for the documentary. We travelled to the St. George Foundation’s facilities in the Grafton region of Freetown. This is up in the mountain behind the city and necessitates negotiating yet another rough and rocky track. Our mission was to film some of the stories of […]

Day 26 Update – November 20th 2007

Kabala Still split into two teams (one in Freetown and one in Kabala), we woke in the guest house and after a simple breakfast of bread coffee, drove into Kabala to a Muslim Agricultural School. One of our recipients, AMNet, works here to provide support for the girls who are suffering in a similar way […]